Target buyers across different media types by targeting buyers across all different media types, including print and online, you substantially increase the potential number of buyers for your property.

Inspire passive buyers, a broader reach means even passive buyers – those not actively in the market – have more chance of seeing your property and potentially buying.

Promote your property to active buyers. It is important to also make sure you promote your property to all the active buyers who are in the market.

Engage all active buyers to make sure they see your property by broadening where you market your property you can target more potential buyers.

Target buyers across all demographics Don’t think all buyers search properties like you do. Be open to all buyers and the ways they view properties.

The 5 steps to reaching all potential buyers

Testimonial by Scott Cousins, Royal Heights

SOLD under the hammer!

Testimonial from Andrew & Debbie in Royal heights

SOLD under the hammer!

Testimonial from Dino & Annabel - Avondale apartment

Testimonial from Keiran & Olivia from 12 Arahoe Road

139 groups in 3 weeks - 5 offers presented

Testimonial from Angela & Russell

SOLD in 24 hours! 424 Don Buck Road, Massey

Testimonial from Warren & Ruth

Testimonial from Steve & Belinda

SOLD Under Level 3, in 5 days, 486k above CV!

Talking LVR & Hardship applications with mortgage broker Cameron Knapp

Working from home during this lock down!

What Covid19 will do to the value of your home by Diego Traglia

Diego Traglia, your agent in West Auckland

Diego's Bloopers 😂😂😂

49 Larissa Ave, Henderson [auction brought forward] *SOLD by Diego*

January 2020 Market Update by Diego & Lexi

Diego - Selling a property every 6.3 days in 2019

40 Hartley Terrace SOLD - Pre Auction Offer + 33k

2019 End of Year Market Update

Another fantastic testimonial! Previously on the market with another agent!

Getting the job done where others coudn't!

SOLD in 2 weeks with 4 bidders!

This is how you do auction: Auction brought forward

The MOST important market update yet!!!

9 West Harbour Drive PRE AUCTION OFFER - SOLD


How to do auction with Diego

19 Hartley Terrace SOLD under the hammer!

End of Year 2018 Market Report by Diego

4 Bluefin Way SOLD under the hammer by Diego Traglia

Testimonial b Curtis B. at 117 Kemp Road

Testimonial By Razia at 223a Don Buck Road

11 Albemarle SOLD under the hammer by Diego Traglia

20 Garton Drive SOLD under the hammer!

Getting the job done where others couldn't...

Another happy customer! 55 Helena Street SOLD by Diego Traglia

Another happy family! 18 Chorley Ave SOLD by Diego Traglia

Another happy customer! 33 Metcalfe Road #SoldByTheItalian

Testimonial 10 Albemarle Place *SOLD*

59 Chorley Ave VIDEO testimonial

25 days on the market
37 groups through the property
7 offers
77% SOLD over CV!!

There are two type of agents..

33 Allington Road AUCTION sold by Todd Murray & Diego Traglia

Rising Star - Diego Traglia (Auction)

15 CushlaPlace *SOLD*

One to watch! (Auction)

7 Loughanure Place *SOLD*

Diego Traglia Your Massey & West Auckland Property Expert!

Another happy customer *SOLD* by Diego!

Diego Traglia Your Agent, Customer Testimonial!

Diego Traglia Your Agent

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