The size of Massey is approximately 21 square kilometres.

The predominant age group in Massey is 10-19 years.

Households in Massey are primarily one family.

The number of properties counted in 2017 was 7692 over 191 streets, surrounding 21 parks.


497 where new built between 2010 & 2019.


On Average 409 houses are sold every year in Massey.

In general, people in Massey work in a Service and Sales occupation.

Massey’s population increased by 8,898 (9.0%) between 2006 and 2013

Proportions of Māori (15.9%) and Pacific peoples (19.5%) were higher in Henderson/Massey than they were in Auckland as a whole.

21.8 per cent of the Henderson-Massey population identified with an Asian ethnic identity, up from 16.7 per cent in 2006.

The median age in Henderson-Massey was 33.5 years, compared to 35.1 years in

Auckland as a whole.

List of parks in Massey

Claverdon Park

Cyclarama Reserve

Kemp Park

Helena Park

Keegan Park

Lendich Reserve

Lincoln Park

Lowtherhurst Reserve

Makora Park

Massey Domain

Moire Park

Raelene Reserve

Reynella Park

Royal Reserve

Sarajevo Reserve

Spargo Reserve

Sunline Park

Taitapu Park

Tatyana Park

Triangle Park

Zita Maria Park​

Panorama from Royal Road motorway bridge, Massey, 1968

the Waterview Tunnel

Tunnel facts

  • Tunnelling first began at Waterview in 2013. The first tunnel was completed in 2014

  • Alice – the Tunnel Boring Machine - excavated enough dirt to fill 320 Olympic-sized swimming pools and installed more than 24,000 concrete segments to line the two tunnels

  • Each of Waterview’s two tunnels is 2.4km long – twice the length of the Auckland Harbour Bridge

  • The tunnels are the longest road tunnels in New Zealand – the Lyttleton road tunnel at 1.97m previously held the record

  • The Tunnel Boring Machine was specifically designed for the Waterview geology by the German company, Herrenkencht, and manufactured in China.

  • The Tunnel Boring Machine was 87m long.

Inside the Tunnel

Fitting out the Tunnel has involved:

      • 74,500m3 of aggregate

      • Almost 5kms of drainage pipes

      • 104 flame traps.

      • 140,000m2 of paint has been applied – black for the roof, white for the walls

      • 4,000 lights

      • 62 ventilation fans

      • 50kms of cable trays to support wiring and other equipment

      • 400kms or 270tns of cabling and wiring

      • 5 deluge storage tanks each containing 250m3 of water for fire control. Each deluge set will supply 10mm of water per minute inside each of the 173 zones of the tunnel. Each zone is located every 30 metres in the tunnels. 



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